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10 Principles of the Successfully Unemployed Person – Part 2

In my last post, I reviewed the principles of the successfully unemployed person. These principles, if implemented along with an action plan, will revolutionize your employment search process. You’re almost guaranteed to find or create work faster and with greater fulfillment.

Now, let’s review the remaining 5 principles of the successfully unemployed person:

Principle #6 – Mindset supersedes skillset.

This may be true in all situations, but if you’ve lost your job, this is particularly true. Whether you’re underemployed, a graduate seeking employment, or in a career transition, it is true that mindset is going to supersede, and ought to precede, skillset.

Whether you think you can or can’t, you are usually right.” ~ Henry Ford

Without the right attitude, you will flounder and fail. With it, you will be able to move forward and gain new work more quickly. The right attitudes will help propel you into productive action. Change and trials, some being worse than others, are a part of life. But like job loss, they often involve no choice on our part. We can’t do much about avoiding many of those things, but we do have a choice about handling them positively and meaningfully.

The one thing that can’t be taken away from any of us is our attitude or mindset. Though it’s easier said than done, we will always have a choice in this area. We have to work at adopting the right mindset and attitude, and perhaps shifting it from what it has been.  What happens to us, like a job loss, matters less than our response to what happens. Though we usually focus on the end goal, we learn the most during the process even though that process may be difficult.

Putting things into perspective might help you. Reflect on all you sill have – your family, your health, your dreams – rather than focusing on what you have loss.  Remember,

It’s not the mountain we conquer; it’s ourselves.” ~ Brian O’Malley

Brian O’Malley also poses a question which I will ask you to answer: If I just had more courage, what would I do today in my life?

Principle #7 – Believe unemployment has a Divine purpose.

Unemployment, though it’s challenging and probably not of your choosing, is nevertheless a divinely-appointed opportunity. The Bible says we are created by God, loved by God, and in His constant care, so we can trust Him even when our difficult circumstances exceed our ability to understand. It’s important to believe there’s nothing haphazard or accidental about what He is doing in your life. It might not feel comfortable or enjoyable at the moment, but it does have a divine purpose.

You may not know the purpose, or all of the purposes, now or ever. God isn’t really obligated to explain Himself to us. But in the midst of the storm, there is a great assurance and comfort in knowing that there is a divine reason for what is going on in your life.

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by a lack of meaning and purpose.” ~ Viktor Frankl


Principle #8 – Develop persistence against all odds.

Nothing of significance, including finding or creating a job, has ever been accomplished without a high level of persistence and determination. You are going to encounter obstacles, challenges and disappointments in your job search. That’s just part of the process. Consider embracing what Winston Churchill has said,

Never, never, never give up.”

The Bible also promotes persistence and perseverance as found in James 1:12. Persistence will enable you to act your way into a new set of feelings rather than waiting around to feel your way into a new set of actions. Persistence will help you rise to the top of the applicant pool, even if you’re competing against more qualified people. So develop persistence against all odds.

Principle #9 – Creatively consider how to make a life, not just a living.

Once you’ve found your dream job, the one that fits you like a glove at this stage in your life, you will have gone a long way towards making a life and not just making a living. During this time, as you think about making a life, think outside of your vocational box. You don’t have to do what you’ve always done simply because that’s all you think you know. Consider your transferable skills which may be very applicable to other new jobs. Your current circumstances also offer a golden opportunity to create your own business. Give yourself a little time to dream and think about the possibilities.

Principle #10 – Believe that your work does actually matter to God.

I believe that work has a deeply spiritual dimension. Our work and spiritual life are, and need to be, interrelated. Believing this can make a tremendous difference in your attitude and your decisions during your job search process. If you believe God created you, then it makes sense He also knows you, loves you, and cares about your search, your career, and your life. To find out how your work can contribute to what God wants to accomplish in the world, listen in.

Use this job search process in your life not just to reinvent your career, but to nurture and reinvent yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally during this time of transition.

More details on these principles, as well as ways to become more successful at either finding or creating more fulfilling work can be found in Chapter 10 of the book, Successfully Unemployed – Finding or Creating Your Dream Job. Get your copy today!

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