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Top Ten Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interviews or Offers – Part 1

Is your desire to find more fitting work? Are you wondering why you aren’t getting more interviews or more offers? If you want to become more successful at searching for ideal work (and finding it), it’s important to read books, study online, and listen to programs like Successfully Unemployed on Toginet Radio.

In addition, if you’re not getting enough interviews or offers, there are 10 questions you should be asking yourself. We’ll review the first 5 questions here:

#1 – Have I spent enough time preparing myself in order to give positive focus and forward moving direction to my search?

Preparing yourself involves some self-reflection. Ask yourself: Am I’m still buried in the anger and depression of what happened? Do I know the types of work that will best reflect and fulfill my God-given gifts, abilities, personality, passions, interests, and experience?

Choosing to look for a job and being forced to look for a job are two different issues. If you are forced to look for a job, it’s important to ensure that you have addressed some of those heart, mind and soul issues. You also have to spend a little time making sure you understand yourself. If you thoroughly understand yourself, your search will go so much smoother.

When you understand yourself, you gain better focus and direction in your search. You also provide more focus and direction to your family, friends, and members of your network who are trying to help you find the right job.

You want to spend time evaluating that perfect blend of your gifts, abilities, personality, interests and experience in order to create your definition of a “dream job” for this stage of your life. Along with this, you want to have the right attitude. This can be difficult if you’ve just recently and suddenly lost your job. You may still be immersed in the anger and depression of what happened to you. But having the right attitude may be the single most important ingredient in having a successful job search.

“Change is inevitable, but growth is optional.” – John Maxwell

When you lose your job, you do have a choice in how you react. You must make a decision to choose your attitude each day, and to persist and persevere in spite of the obstacles you may face as you pursue your search.

There are some exercises you can complete that will help you identify the job that’s the best fit for your personality, gifts, skills and experience. Get these resources by listening to the podcast here: Top Ten Reasons for No Interviews or Offers

#2 – Do I have a well-practiced elevator speech that is accurate, positive and forward-thinking?

An elevator speech is that 30- to 40-second talk where you let people know where you’ve been and where you’re going. The purpose is to generate further conversation and hopefully some follow-up questions.

Elevator speeches are not just for obtaining upper-level, white collar jobs. EVERYONE should have an elevator speech prepared. What you are sharing comes from the focus and preparation work you completed. If you’ve lost your job, share that fact, but keep it positive and forward thinking. Be sure to practice your speech with a trusted colleague or friend so that it flows smoothly.

#3 – Am I spending at least 35 – 40 hours a week in effective job search techniques?

If you were in a full-time job working 35 – 40 hours a week, then you now have that time to devote to your job search. The competitive environment for jobs makes it necessary to commit to this amount of time, or more, in order to yield great dividends.

Spend this time…

  • making calls to your network
  • setting up exploratory interviews
  • contacting recruiters
  • conducting research on your target companies
  • completing applications
  • attending meetings
  • writing thank you notes to interviewers, members of your network who you’ve met with, and references
  • following up on new contacts received from your network

#4 – Am I being proactive enough to find the 75% of jobs that are in the hidden job market?

Jobs in the hidden market are available, but aren’t necessarily advertised. Experts tell us that 70% – 80% of all the jobs available are not advertised, and you won’t become aware of them using typical search techniques, such as searching online job listings or your local newspapers.

By networking, conducting exploratory interviews and meeting with your network you can find out about these hidden jobs.

#5 – Am I being too reactive by being trapped behind the computer and spending too much time looking at online job postings? Do I only passively and electronically apply for relevant positions?

This is an easy trap to fall into. It may seem like a logical route to take, but more and more, in this competitive environment, employers are not advertising their jobs online or in the classified section of newspapers. Why not? They don’t want to be inundated with resumes. So it’s important that you use your network and exploratory interviews to find out where those jobs are.

There are three kinds of jobs that you only find out about on exploratory interviews. Learn what those jobs are by clicking here.

Next week, we’ll cover the 5 remaining questions you should ask yourself to help you get more interviews and offers. Be sure to sign up on our list so you don’t miss out on the exclusive tips we share.

Want more great tips to boost your job search? Get the book that will help you become more successful at either finding or creating more fulfilling work.

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