Lost your job? Unemployed? Underemployed? Looking for that dream job?

We all want to be more successful at our jobs. Successfully Unemployed will help you be even more successful at your search. It is the must-read companion guaranteed to help you find or create your dream job—the perfect fit for you. One that reflects and fulfills your life’s mission and purpose. ...READ MORE

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I’m excited to announce that my new book: Successfully Unemployed: Finding or Creating Your Dream Job, is now available.  Read what other people are saying about Alan Sherwood & “Successfully Unemployed” for yourself.

-Alan Sherwood

The perfect read for these economic times

The perfect read for these economic times. If you are ready to find or create your next job, this is a must read. Successfully Unemployed covers it all—how to think, what to do, and how to act—in today’s new work environment. Everything has changed for today’s employed and unemployed. Alan gives us a hope-filled and comprehensive amount of information and inspiration. Learn new ways to think, new ways to work, and new ways to live in this ground-breaking book.

—ROBERT SHEMIN, CNN and Fox News Wealth Advisor
New York Times’ Bestselling author of How Come that Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?

Want to find or create work you love?

“Want to find or create work you love? Alan Sherwood knows how to get you there. Successfully Unemployed is THE essential tool for navigating a tough job market with confidence and competitive advantage.”

—LYNETTE LEWIS, Business consultant, speaker, and author of Climbing the Corporate Ladder in Stilettos

Jam-packed with vital information

“In my 30 years of business I have read and listened to dozens of self-help books and tapes, and Alan Sherwood’s ‘Successfully Unemployed’ rates right up there at the top of the list. It’s not only jam-packed with vital information anyone would need to find and negotiate a job, or start a business but also inspiring, innovative, and spiritually uplifting—truly a great read!”

—RON HUDDLESTON, President, The Huddleston Group

The table of contents alone offers a map to employment and beyond

“The table of contents alone offers a map to employment and beyond. Alan Sherwood’s direction within his book and “Successfully Unemployed” radio show complements what’s taught in graduate schools to career counselors. Most importantly it’s richly filled with ideas, resources, and exceptional how-to’s for anyone who is anyplace in the job search or career planning process. His MBA lens, extensive understanding of career coaching, and strong convictions from his deep belief systems offers readers exceptional encouragement and a roadmap to the best we know about positive psychology methods. Few books are as comprehensive; none more timely!”

—DR. RICH FELLER, President, National Career Development Association;
University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Counseling and Career Development, Colorado State University

A job search done right will be successful

“What I loved about Alan’s workshop was the reassurance he offered that a job search done right will be successful.

—NORMA, Arkansas

You will find or create the job of your dreams

“If you can only buy one job search book, this is it. Successfully Unemployed offers information and inspiration like no other source. It is the most comprehensive and hope-filled approach to becoming more successful at search. Read this, and you will find or create the job of your dreams.

—DR. JAMES BROWN, Superintendent, College School District, Santa Ynez Valley, California
Association of California School Administrators Superintendent/Principal of the Year 2011

Think outside the box and dream

“Alan understood, was supportive and encouraging, and could relate with me several years ago when I lost a professional position in a career 20 years in the making. The principles, strategies, support, and perspective Alan provided encouraged me that I was on track in doing all the right things. Most powerfully, Alan’s encouragement to “think outside the box” and dream has resulted in my creating a future that has already proven to be more personally fulfilling.”

Former Higher Education Student Affairs Administrator from Nebraska

The author provides hands-on experiences

“The author provides hands-on experiences that related directly to me.”

—RICHARD, Arkansas

You provide great insight and inspiration for many people

“Great program! I am glad you are giving an outline of the 10 Principles of the Successfully Unemployed. In my first presentation this November, I included the five steps similar to grieving that you go through when you lose your job. Look forward to your anecdotes and humor every Thursday. You provide great insight and inspiration for many people.

—MIKE, New York

Thank You for creating a resource

“I have admired your efforts with the Successfully Unemployed program but never thought it would be beneficial for me. Two weeks ago I was asked to resign after 19 years of working in education. While I wasn’t totally surprised, it’s still been a shock. I wanted to write and tell you thank you for creating a resource for someone like me who, at age 57, is starting over. I have listened to 4 to 5 of the podcasts just today and have enjoyed and learned from each of them. It has given me something to focus on while slowly getting to the mindset that this is the best thing that has happened to me. Keep up the good work. I am most grateful and learning to be Successfully Unemployed.”

—JEAN ANN, Tulsa, OK

I have become a big fan!

“I had the pleasure of being a guest on Alan Sherwood’s radio show. I have become a big fan! I am in awe of his wide range of knowledge regarding how to turn unemployment into success combined with his genuine desire to offer his services. I would highly recommend him as a speaker or a resource for anyone who wishes to better understand the job hunt or entrepreneurship success.

—JACQUI, Job Coach, Arkansas

I actively followed the advice of the ‘Successfully Unemployed’ radio program

While I was unemployed for six months, I actively followed the advice of the ‘Successfully Unemployed’ radio program, which included setting up a LinkedIn account. Through that account, people with whom I previously worked years before contacted me and hired me. Without that expert advice I would probably still be unemployed. Thank you for the wealth of information you provide and your excellent programs. And the best part is that it’s free!”

—VALERIE, New Jersey

Our country desperately needs more men like Alan

“I have hundreds of books on my office shelves and the ones I value the most are those where I’ve followed the life of the author and watched that person grow in character and integrity and stay the course. Alan’s book is full of great information about job loss and gain. But, more importantly, his book is full of challenges not only in his career, but in his personal health. Our country desperately needs more men like Alan who become greater men not in spite of struggle, but because of struggle.

—WYATT SMITH, Pastor, Indiana

Alan Sherwood is awesome and a great inspiration!

“Alan Sherwood is awesome and a great inspiration! He makes life seem simple with his approach to tough problems and brings hope in hard times. He makes people feel like they are winners, not losers, even if they are unemployed. I appreciate the great brain cells that speak knowledge and joy.”

—MELI, Oklahoma

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Successfully Unemployed
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