Lost your job? Unemployed? Underemployed? Looking for that dream job?

We all want to be more successful at our jobs. Successfully Unemployed will help you be even more successful at your search. It is the must-read companion guaranteed to help you find or create your dream job—the perfect fit for you. One that reflects and fulfills your life’s mission and purpose. ...READ MORE

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You will again be Successfully

Show #104: July 18, 2013

Our July 18th Show will complete the audio book production, as we focus on the 10 principles of the Successfully Unemployed.

These are strategies for job search that summarize all we have already covered. They are also principles for life. If you enthusiastically embrace and implement these, you will be Successfully Unemployed. As a result, you will be able to find or create a job faster, and with greater fulfillment, than would otherwise be possible.

You will again be Successfully Employed.

Be Proactive, Persistent, and Prayerful, as you seek to find or create more fulfilling work. You’re about to start the next chapter of your new life. May God bless you as you step into your exciting future.

Show #104: July 18, 2013  (WEBMASTER NOTE:  This audio file is damaged, and we are trying to get a fresh copy from Toginet.)

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